December 25, 2008

Random Facts About Myself

Dari segi luaran, muka aku agak ketat, susah didekati (sebab aku seorang yang tak banyak cakap & banyak berfikir). But actually, aku adalah seorang pendengar yang baik & aku juga boleh memberi nasihat (but it does'nt mean am perfect sebab hidup ini perlulah nasihat-menasihati agar kita tidak alpa dengan dunia sementara)

Kadang-kadang orang akan fikir yang aku suka mengutuk atau memaki sesorang sesuka hati. Hakikatnya fikiran atau pandangan aku lebih kepada am & tak ada niat langsung nak mengutuk sesiapa sesuka hati.

Aku tak reti nak enjoy life sebab aku lebih suka sendirian sebab aku pendiam. So cara aku enjoy life aku dengan hang-out dengan kawan²(kalau diorang ajak la) atau pergi ke event² yang dianjur oleh seseorang atau sesebuah organizer.

Aku kurang spontaneous, aku realistic, am a loyal person, aku tak reti nak buat raut wajah sedih atau marah (muka aku kadang² macam tak ada perasaan je). aku percaya semua kejadian adalah ketentuanNya. Jadi, tiada perlu aku tangis tentang perkara² yang sedih dan tiada perlu aku marah tentang kesilapan diri sendiri.

Aku benci diarah (kalau ia adalah kerja atau tanggungjawab tak apa la). Tolong! selitkan perkataan "TOLONG" jika anda nak suruh aku buat sesuatu. Tolong! beradab dan berbudi bahasa. Tapi aku benci bila Syuk (bandmate) cakap "please". oh damn, aku dah muak!! hina sangat ke diri kau sampai asek mintak tolong orang je.

Aku tak takut hilang kawan. Sebab dalam dunia ni ade berbillion-billion manusia yang boleh dijadikan kawan. Jadi, kawan²ku yang sesiapa rasa tiba² nak emo or tiba² taknak tegur aku tu, go on! boleh blah! hilang seorang kawan tak bermakna diri aku tak bermakna kan?

Aku anggap kawan tu hanya insan sementara di depan mata. kadang² kawan datang dekat aku bila meraka susah. bila senang, blah macam tu je. ataupun datang dekat aku, ceritakan 'kehebatan'nya dan mencaci diriku yang lemah. seperti yang telah dinyatakan fakta ke-4, 'am a loyal person', so, walau ape yang terjadi, kawan tetap kawan. karna kita hanya insan biasa yang tercipta lemah.

Aku ada girlfriend yang bernama muzik. aku cinta muzik. muzik dapat mengekspreskan diriku. muzik dapat menambah mood dalam diri. dimana-mana & kemana-mana aku dengar muzik. aku hidup dengan muzik, muzik adalah teman sejati ku. Haha!

Aku sangat tidak suka ditipu. maksud aku macam tipu sunat or whatever. just tell me the truth. tak payah la tipu aku untuk jaga hati aku ke ape kan, tak payah. aku jenis yang senang menerima takdir, dugaan, musibah, ape² aje yang terjadi, semuanya kehendak Tuhan kan. so aku terima aje la.

December 18, 2008

The Day The Earth Stand Still

yesterday was a tired day. i woke up at 6a.m. & went jogging at 630am at Tasik Shah Alam with alan, azhar & adib. ingatkan diorg lagi fit dari aku. adib separuh jalan da benti. azhar depan skit dari adib. only me & alan were continue the jog. later alan stop for a while(bout 700meters to the finish), while i was stop 100meter in fornt of alan, walked for few meters than contunue our jog till finish whole tasik la. after we went mamak & lepaking at alan's/azhar's house. err actually alan & azhar are siblings. hm. lepak till 10am, then i went back home to siap² pegi Sunway Pyramid. terpaksa la belanja alan kan sebab dia xde duit.

The Day The Earth Stood Still, the movie that we watched yesterday. good movie. human being should watch this movie. A remake of the 1951 classic sci-fi film about an alien visitor and his giant robot counterpart who visit Earth. Here's the plot, In 1928, a mountaineer encounters a glowing sphere while on an expedition in the snowy mountains of India. He suddenly finds himself awakening after a sudden loss of consciousness, with the sphere now gone and a scar on his hand. In the present day, Dr. Helen Benson (Jennifer Connelly), a Princeton professor, and other scientists are hastily assembled by the government in order to formulate a survival plan when it is feared that a large unknown object with a speed of 30,000 km/s is on a crash course to the Earth, due to impact in just over an hour. Its target destination being the island of Manhattan in New York City. Nothing can be done about it because a vital military satellite has been disabled. However, the object is a large spherical biological spaceship, which slows down and lands gently in Central Park. A representative of an alien race named Klaatu(Keanu Reeves), taking on the appearance of the man from the opening scene of the film, emerges from the sphere while accompanied by a large robot. Klaatu has come to assess whether humanity can reverse the environmental damage they have inflicted on their own planet. While recovering from a gunshot wound, Klaatu is detained by Regina Jackson, the United Security of Defencive, and is barred from speaking to the United Nation. Klaatu manages to escape, and he soon finds himself eluding the authorities throughout Northern New Jersey, specifically Newark and the forested Highlands with Helen and her stepson Jacob.

Meanwhile, the presence of the sphere has caused a worldwide panic, and the military manages to capture the robot after it thwarts their attempts to destroy the sphere. Klaatu decides that humans shall be exterminated so the planet – with its rare ability to sustain complex life – can survive. He orders smaller spheres previously hidden on Earth to begin taking animal species off the planet, and Jackson, reminded of Noah's Ark, fears that a cataclysm is imminent. The robot, dubbed "Gort"(Genetically Organized Robotic Technology) by the government, is being experimented on deep within an underground facility in Virginia when it transforms into a swarm of self-replicating insect-like nanites that begins destroying everything in its path back to Manhattan.

After speaking with Nobel Prize-winning Professor Barnhardt about how his own species went through drastic evolution to survive its own climate change, Klaatu is convinced by Helen and Jacob that humans can change their ways and are worth saving. The three begin heading to the sphere in Central Park, but Klaatu warns that even if he manages to stop Gort there will be a price to the human way of life. The nanobot cloud arrives before they can reach the sphere and they have to hide under a bridge. There, it is revealed that Jacob and Helen have been infected by the nanites. She pleads with Klaatu to save Jacob. Klaatu saves both of them by transferring the infection to his own body, then sacrifices his physical form to stop Gort by walking through the nanites to the sphere and touching it. His actions cause the sphere to emit a massive EMP-like explosion which stops Gort, saving humanity, but at the price of all of Earth's technology becoming useless and immobile. Klaatu disappears, and the giant sphere leaves Earth.

This film is not about sophisticated of the CGI technologies but about the appearance of Keanu that leaves meaningful message to us through the Klaatu character. Of course the CGI effects contribute a lot in glittering the story but when spectators get then message that they trying to deliver, the film should be more meaningful to us & to the Earth.

December 15, 2008

Dahlia By the Stairs

ok this is about my band, Dahlia By the Stairs. or the short form is DBS. The original band lineup were Khairul S. or we call Syuk(the muncit one) on guitars, Muiz(the big one) on bass and Daus on drums. Later They find Rahmat(not in the picture) for their rythmist & Azam(myself) for their vocals. However, in end of 2007, Rahmat officially left DBS for a different commitment. Later, Daus go on guitars & we still find our permanent drummer. but we have Rusydie for our sessionist as a drummer. Syuk & me are influenced by many type of genre music, so we're accept all kind of music. Muiz has been influenced by Rock n Roll, Funk. He is into Metallica too. That's why his fingers quite fast la while playing his bass. Daus is more to Visual K. but Syuk 'teached' him to listen other genre. We already performed about 4times in uitm exclude 3times for DiSK Dinner which is dinner for diploma in computer science students & lecturers. Then we had performed at Wuhuu Music Fest 2008 at Ipoh organized by Skarface Music & special performance by Hujan,Couple & Second Combat. Then we had performed at Core Festival, KPM Roxio Fiesta & Skarface Accustic Show. We still looking for time to record our demo songs. as we still looking for permanent drummer, it make us postponed postponed postponed je. haih. but we delight if rusydie can play for us. but he sooo damn busy je memanjang. by the way, i forgot to tell bout our songs.haha our first song is Shake n Stir. It's a cool song doh. I've no idea where Muiz wrote the lyrics oh. so 'fuaa' and the music are cool done by Syuk daus & Muiz. Later came Rahmat with his Sayonara Lonely. Then we created El Intro & the latest one is Hero. oh later we done our demos i'll upload here so u may listen it yaa. or u can check out our myspace

December 14, 2008

Di Sebalik Diri

first of all, seriously why i've no idea why i create this blog. i'd sign up this for 2months ago but i'd no idea why i did that. so i just keep silent & later, now, im back ;) ok then,the story about me. i'm muhammad 'azam bin mohd zamri (with [ ' ] thing) who lives in shah alam for years. i'm to tell you i was born not in hospital.haha my moyang jadi bidan woo. cite dia cmni.. 1st my dad or sedara or nenek or sape² la call ambulance, dorg lambat. call bidan, lembab jugak. last² my moyang je sambut oh. it was cool rite. it's rarely happen. haha. so i happen at kuala terengganu where there is my village la (dad's side). 6months later baaaru la pindah shah alam. i grew here, school here till the last day of spm. thank god i leave this town to continue my study at perak. later i missed shah alam la. haha. now i almost finish my study, only one sem to go. oohh cant wait to do practical training la. mmg best coz seblah the company that i'll do practical training is futsal center! ohh i love futsal! haha. music is my life. i love music. i have a band actually. i tell you bout it later la. i'm discipline. i'm sharp in time. no worries. i rarely late. very rare. for those who knew me, am sorry, im a boring guy kn!? im not talkative. coz i dont talk merapu² & rarely share my problems or else. i don easily trust anybody.

p/s: i'll update lg later yah ;)