October 20, 2009

Mari Bergambar

Tajuk je, gambar xde. malas nak upload. But almost everything assignment or ape² lah kan. semuanya bergambar. dari kanta digital single-lens reflex camera sehinggalah ke digital video camera. even buat shooting short film pun digital single-lens reflex camera digunakan sebab nak buat photo essay yang masih tak buat lagi. even dah buat pun rasa macam tak puas hati dan rasa macam nak tuka tajuk.. lagi.. 7 photo assignment done. cuma belum print and paste on mounting board and bla bla bla je. short film dah habis shoot, tinggal nak editing je. assignment yang pasal ke rumah anak yatim baru buat dua pages. takpe, journal je. test intro, unknown. clash dengan convo. contact lecturer tak dapat, dia busy dengan interview new intake. report and presentation bm kene redo. tadi satu class kene marah ngan lect. padan muka. assigment movie maker part aku in progress, other team members unknown. lagi nak tulis ape...?? yela yela.. upload la gmbr skit..

one of seven photo assignment

rumah penyayang bestari (rumah anak-anak yatim)

Short Film 'Kami...lah' shooting

AdFest - AdNite

October 5, 2009

Gone Bad

Since the last post I've been busy. there's a lots of assignments has to be done. there's no rest of my mind to think about other things (even I got lots of time to facebook-ing :p hahaha) till now i still have assignments to do, with 30pages report still didn't done yet, short film didn't shoot yet and bla bla bla. And i keep postponing to register motorcycle license. but then I'll got my Nouvo S within this week. wehuu~ so I'll ride my ride illegally. Hahaha

I'll miss Jamuan Raya Aidilfitri / Aidilfitri Hi-tea at PTTG organized by K-Krek / Cekgu Zainal as I'm going to Gambang Resort for my AdFest on 10Oct and 11Oct, same date with the jamuan. till now I still thinking what I'm gonna dress up myself for the AdNite. Parody/Professional Gone Bad is the theme..