October 26, 2012

Pissed Off

my not-fluent-english-orally annoys me

knock head at table


Aku Terima

Alhamdulillah, passed a month I'm working in an event and promotion company at PJ, after three months of unemployment, even it is just a 'small' position, I'm being positives, I take it as a springboard. Well at least I have a job. Tak ada lah melangok je dekat rumah. I took only few days to adapt to my working environment and the staffs. All the staffs are very friendly, and funny, some are very funny.

A week after I started working there, I got a job offer from media monitoring company at Kuchai Lama and they want me to start immediately or they will open the vacancy to other candidates. Dilemma happen. Even they offer better salary, the working environment and work place at my current work place are much better. So I take initiative to ask ayah's opinion and ayah advice me to stay with my current job cause it is better in term of career development. No other reason but just in term of career development.

Well actually, yeah, I'm quite jealous with my friends who earn better income and job than me. What can I do, decision has been made, I'm not in computer science area anymore. However, the journey should be continued, no turning back. All I need to do is work hard, get a promotion and/or bring the experience to get a better job (...and salary Haha!)

Jika itu yang Engkau tentukan untuk ku, aku terima, aku redha.