December 15, 2008

Dahlia By the Stairs

ok this is about my band, Dahlia By the Stairs. or the short form is DBS. The original band lineup were Khairul S. or we call Syuk(the muncit one) on guitars, Muiz(the big one) on bass and Daus on drums. Later They find Rahmat(not in the picture) for their rythmist & Azam(myself) for their vocals. However, in end of 2007, Rahmat officially left DBS for a different commitment. Later, Daus go on guitars & we still find our permanent drummer. but we have Rusydie for our sessionist as a drummer. Syuk & me are influenced by many type of genre music, so we're accept all kind of music. Muiz has been influenced by Rock n Roll, Funk. He is into Metallica too. That's why his fingers quite fast la while playing his bass. Daus is more to Visual K. but Syuk 'teached' him to listen other genre. We already performed about 4times in uitm exclude 3times for DiSK Dinner which is dinner for diploma in computer science students & lecturers. Then we had performed at Wuhuu Music Fest 2008 at Ipoh organized by Skarface Music & special performance by Hujan,Couple & Second Combat. Then we had performed at Core Festival, KPM Roxio Fiesta & Skarface Accustic Show. We still looking for time to record our demo songs. as we still looking for permanent drummer, it make us postponed postponed postponed je. haih. but we delight if rusydie can play for us. but he sooo damn busy je memanjang. by the way, i forgot to tell bout our songs.haha our first song is Shake n Stir. It's a cool song doh. I've no idea where Muiz wrote the lyrics oh. so 'fuaa' and the music are cool done by Syuk daus & Muiz. Later came Rahmat with his Sayonara Lonely. Then we created El Intro & the latest one is Hero. oh later we done our demos i'll upload here so u may listen it yaa. or u can check out our myspace

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  1. wah~ko de band rupenye, sedey gle ak bru tau..haha
    chayok2..moge sukses slalu k :)