December 14, 2008

Di Sebalik Diri

first of all, seriously why i've no idea why i create this blog. i'd sign up this for 2months ago but i'd no idea why i did that. so i just keep silent & later, now, im back ;) ok then,the story about me. i'm muhammad 'azam bin mohd zamri (with [ ' ] thing) who lives in shah alam for years. i'm to tell you i was born not in hospital.haha my moyang jadi bidan woo. cite dia cmni.. 1st my dad or sedara or nenek or sape² la call ambulance, dorg lambat. call bidan, lembab jugak. last² my moyang je sambut oh. it was cool rite. it's rarely happen. haha. so i happen at kuala terengganu where there is my village la (dad's side). 6months later baaaru la pindah shah alam. i grew here, school here till the last day of spm. thank god i leave this town to continue my study at perak. later i missed shah alam la. haha. now i almost finish my study, only one sem to go. oohh cant wait to do practical training la. mmg best coz seblah the company that i'll do practical training is futsal center! ohh i love futsal! haha. music is my life. i love music. i have a band actually. i tell you bout it later la. i'm discipline. i'm sharp in time. no worries. i rarely late. very rare. for those who knew me, am sorry, im a boring guy kn!? im not talkative. coz i dont talk merapu² & rarely share my problems or else. i don easily trust anybody.

p/s: i'll update lg later yah ;)

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  1. ko ley trust ak wey..*wink haha

    azamzam ni spesis ular..hee :D