June 28, 2009


27th June
tepat jam 0907 aku bangun dari tidur.
beberapa minit lepas tu terima panggilan dari encik zainal.
katanya Palai masih belum tiba.. di sekolah.
Sebab cekgu bukak gerai jual burger.
Actually yang jual Azha n Azfa but perlukan bantuan la kan, backup.
tapi Palai tak datang², aku je la datang. dalam pukol 9stgh cmtu aku datang.
naseebb Fiki n Mai n lagi sorang budak tak tau nama jaga pagar, so senang skit nak masuk kete. ngaa.
datang² cekgu suh bli gas, gas habis.
so pegy la bli bersama kete lopek tu ditemani Maisara Ghazali.
jualan tak dijangka la, ingatkan tak ramai sebab time tu sign report card je, tak macam event sebelum ni memang open. tapi memberansangkan jugak la, agak busy haritu.
bout 2pm aku n azha terpaksa gerak. sebab nak siap² untuk gig petang tu as DBS or Dahlia By the Stairs perform kat Paul's Place petang tu.
so balik rushing la skit sebab organizer suh datang awal skit.
balik siap ape sume, kumpul umah alan, gerak.
arep n adib pn follow kami. aten n arep (adek aten) pn ikot jugak.

At the gig
i'm quite shock an disappointed jugak la time masuk situ. tak ramai orang.
dan agak pelik risau dan macam² lagi la.
sebab banyak band hardcore metal screamo.
ok, as kami datang awal, organizer suh perform dulu.
hm, time tu plak syuk 'hilang'.
so kami turun minum² dulu sambil² tunggu alep daus adam adzim.
later dorang sampai, ok crowd betambah.
as schedule da berubah-ubah, sepatutnya kitorg perform lepas bon3k@, tapi tuka kitrog perform lepas diorg pulak.
ok mula dengan setup² setting², guitar azha xpat guna overdrive plak.
xpe, guna od kt amp tu je.
dimulakan dengan Spike.
azha introduce, "k, we are Dahlia By the Stairs.. wo!"
tiba² ade 'wo!' hahaha. ok, buat org gelak skit la.
then dia sambung "and this is SPIKE!!!"
uw yeah! rasanya orang suke.. kot! haha.
second song Can't Stop.
time bass n drum main maybe orang tak tau lagi.
later da masuk guitar, sume sorak. fewwit tu yang best tu.
semangat skit nk perform.
ok xpe, ade salah skit sini sana alan terhabis 1bar awal.
seterusnya kitorg main lagu sendiri, dimulakan dengan El-Intro.
penghujung paddle drum plak masalah. should be terus sambung Shake n Stir.
terpakse berhenti la antara El-Intro dengan Shake n Stir. then start balik Shake n Stir.
ok mic sucks, hilang² bunyi. serious sucks.
dah tau da, sebab band before pn macam tu.
so kene jaga², x banyak gerak la aku.
3rd song of our song is Sayonara Lonely.
lagu slow, pitch low. memang suara tak dengar denagn monitor pura² ade, padahal monitor tu tak klua bunyi lansong. end of song pitch lari, hamek kau!
Final song kitorang main lagu Hero. kelihatan manusia betambah ramai didepan kami.
syok habes. crowd macam layan. ade dua tiga empat orang gak la amek vid/pic.
after perform ade la orang kata nice performance, bagi thumb up.
so dari kekecewaan dari mula tadi, diakhiri dengan kepuashatian.
thanks to Adam kerana menjadi soundman kitorg jap. hee
thanks to sume yang datang jugak, Arep Adib Bella Alep Adzim Daus dan Aten n Arep walaupun tak sempat tengok kitorang perform.

June 23, 2009

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Senaraikan 5 hadiah yang anda impikan
- dslr
- new pc with high performance
- own car :p
- bigger room
- iphone

5 alasan terhadap pilihan tersebut
- sebab nak ah
- sebab saya perlukan ia
- senang ade kete sndri, xyah kongsi². haha
- lebih selesa
- dah alang² namanya hadiah impian, bak mintak benda mahal la :p

5 impresi terhadap orang yang anda minat
- manis
- baik
- bagus. hahaha
- *dah xtau nk tulis ape
- *ok dah

5 perkara hebat pernah anda lakukan
- top3 liga bowling shah alam terbuka duo
- perform band depan orang ramai. haha
- berlakon
- buat Advertisment (banner,poster,flyers) untuk Seminar 3D Animation bersama President Les' Copaque sebagai penyampai
- tak tidur 36jam.

5 ciptaan yang paling anda sukai(tak semestinya teknologi)
- pulau buatan
- handphone
- tamantema
- no idea
- no idea

5 perkara yang anda benci
- penipu
- gedik
- pemalas
- pengkritik
- rempit

5 orang yang hendak anda tag
- donut
- myra
- amr
- fafara
- wani

June 22, 2009


Zee Avi is just 23 but she’s an old soul. A huge talent in a petite frame bringing a universal message from the unlikely birthplace of Borneo, an ancient island east of Malaysia which remains an untouched, natural paradise, an apt description of her songs.

How Avi came to record her debut album in L.A., the first joint release from Ian Montone’s Monotone Label and Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records, is a true 21st century tale of the way the Internet has transformed the music business and shrunk the globe in the process.

Born in the tiny town of Miri in Sarawak on the island of Borneo, Zee grew up near the South China Sea in a liberal, encouraging household where her father owned an energy consultancy. “I was bred to be a lawyer,” she says, but music was in her blood. Her father’s father sang and played double-bass, accordion, violin and guitar in bands.

At age 12, Zee moved from Borneo to Kuala Lumpur where she has been based since. At 17, Zee started locking herself in a room for hours on end to learn to play guitar. Guitar took a back seat for 4 years while she was studying fashion design in London. When she returned to Kuala Lumpur, she picked the instrument back up and began writing songs and performing with a band.

Zee began recording her songs on a webcam and posting them on YouTube for a friend to hear. “I remember getting so excited when there was one new comment from some random person I didn’t know… One read ‘I’m lost for words - I shall favorite it and ponder if that’s OK,’ ” which was written by Kris Rowley, a U.K. singer-songwriter with a YouTube following under the name Zzzzzzzzap. He began posting her videos on his site, which began a viral snowball effect.

The day before her 22nd birthday, Zee posted what she intended to be “my last video,” a holiday song, “No Christmas for Me.” By the time she checked her e-mail Avi had almost 3,000 messages including a slew of label offers. One email came from Ian Montone, who had been shown the YouTube clip by Raconteurs’ drummer, Patrick Keeler, prompting Montone to get in touch and offer to release her music on the Monotone Label.

Before she knew it Zee was on a plane to L.A. to record her debut with producer Robert Carranza at Brushfire’s Solar Powered Plastic Plant. “No Christmas for Me” was then featured on the holiday charity album, This Warm December, A Brushfire Holiday, Vol. 1.

With an eclectic pool of influences that range from such eccentrics as Cat Power, Regina Spektor, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Jolie Holland, Daniel Johnston and Chris Garneau, to jazz greats Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, to classics like Velvet Underground and Led Zeppelin, this self-described “rock lover at heart” captures the dark, bittersweet qualities of romance with a crack left open for hope and optimism.

From the sensuous scat singing on “Honey Bee” to the sultry break-up song, “Is This the End,” recalling the existential longing of Peggy Lee’s “Is That All There Is,” Zee is hopeful of finding love, but equally aware of lurking heartache.

The songs on Zee Avi’s debut are about an outsider’s desire to belong and the tentative hope of moving on, filled with regret and loss, but boasting an impish, worldly wise sensibility. “I tend to be a loner,” she nods. ” ‘Honey Bee’ is about a romance between two nonconformists who are different from the rest of the hive, and are trying to avoid the pressure to be like everybody else.”

“Just You and Me,” the first song she wrote on ukulele, has a ‘20s New Orleans swing jazz vibe.

“I get my melodic feel from the simplicity of classic jazz, people singing what they felt with straightforward lyrics and not too many harmonies,” Zee says. “Just a lot of honesty. I’m a girl of simple pleasures.

The elemental acoustic guitar of “Story of…” is enhanced with an Eno-like ambience that add to its shimmering quality, while “Poppy” is autobiographical “with a little bit of poetic license” that looks back at the demise of a two-year relationship.

“My stuff is pretty dark,” Zee admits. “Most of my songs are about the reality side of romance, outlets to vent my emotions.”

While her live experience amounts to playing gigs in Kuala Lumpur, Zee appeared this January on From the Basement, the U.K. TV webcast/broadcast that has featured Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, Damien Rice, the White Stripes and the Shins. From the Basement will also air on the U.S.‘s IFC Channel.

From Malaysia to Los Angeles, Zee Avi is enjoying the ride and ready to take on passengers. “I’m still pinching myself” she gushes. “My parents always told me it’s important to keep yourself grounded. I’m thankful, but at the same time, I just want to jump through the roof. It’s been a pretty amazing journey, getting to work with some really wonderful people, a blessing, really.”

Zee Avi’s Monotone/Brushfire Records debut returns that blessing…and then some.

Monotone Records is owned by Ian Montone, whose Monotone, Inc. manages the White Stripes, M.I.A., The Shins, Vampire Weekend, the Raconteurs, Against Me!, Cold War Kids, Crookers, among others.

Brushfire Records is owned by Jack Johnson and his manager Emmett Malloy and is home to artists like Rogue Wave, Matt Costa, Neil Halstead, Money Mark, G. Love, Mason Jennings, ALO and Zach Gill.

June 13, 2009

Minggu ni

petang balik dari Port Dickson
malam tuisyen. penat nak mati.
datang tuisyen budak class aku datang sorang je.
balik tusyen tros terjun atas katil.

bangun lewat.
empat petang baru bangun.
bangun text mat tanye men pinpong ke tak.
salah send, tersend kat mai plak. aduss
muka maimai mamai pegi rumah mat men pinpong.
malam tuisyen.
bukak lambat, cekgu marah azha.
padahal aku yang patut bukak tuisyen. hee
malam sembang ngan wani la bagai via ym.

sumpah tak ingat aku buat ape. hahaha
malam tuisyen.
nenek and ciksu datang, sampai, dari umrah.

bangun awal sebab nenek ada. haha.
padahal pagi tu men badminton ngan alan, azha, aspa, mat, hilmi & palai.
pastu pegi Mane Lagi.
pastu balik jumpa nenek, dorg da nak blk kg dah.
lastu mat azha p akuatik, swim, tak ajak. ciss
petang pinpong.
malam tuisyen.
wani kata nak datang, ta datang pn. dia p genting ngan family.
habis tuisyen ada makan², pika stay jap, mai kene balik awal, adik dia sakit.
makan², pulang. alhamdulilah. makan free. cekgu bagi ;)

bangun awal.
Hann Radiogram text tanya pasal payment gig. haih
terus bangun mandi siap gi bank.
balik online, tgk wani asri online.
sembang lagii~
lepas semayang jumaat mat text ajak swim.
terus p rumah azha amek mat fikri & alan.
azha aspa faiz & hilmi nek vw.
swim la bagai till 5pm.
letih. blk tdo sejam.
malam tuisyen.
budak datang lambat.
cekgu zainal takda.
so aku jaga jap class form4.
mai & wani datang lambat.
mai bawak ole² dari tanah suci
thanks mai :)
dok gebang kt kaunter.
habis tuisyen, kacau wani kt depan burger.
arep plak datang. lagi la syok wani tu. hahaha
11pm, tutop burger tutop tuisyen. balik. online.

takde plan ape.
bangun lambat.
dengar azan zohor baru bangun -__-
tunggu petang skit, men pinpong.
malam tapau makan kat amsa.
nmpk WKX47 masih di Salam. hm.
lepas kenyang online lagi. haha.

tujuh setengah pagi aerobik di dataran shah alam dengan cekgu zainal alan mat fikri
pastu lepak rafi, minum²
pastu men bola jap kt rumah alan
petang pegy melawat adik Mai, Danish.
tengok sehat je. hee
lastu balik p umah alan jap men bola.
balik rumah tertido sampai pukol lapan.
kol10 azha n alan datang umah ajak p cc.

June 9, 2009

DBS @ Paul's Place

I feel so fresh after 14hours sleep

sbnrnya malas gle nk post.
sbb camping kali ni x brape nk best. so-so je.

Tempat dituju : Pantai Sri Purnama, Port Dickson.
Hari kejadian : 6-8 June 2009
Anjuran : Kelab Rekreasi Seksyen 19 Shah Alam
Master : Encik Zainal
SuperSenior : Azam Alan Muiz Arep Azhar Pika Palai
Senior : Azim Faris Gomal Aqim Syami Aismat Hilmi Mai Pika Wani Lil Mira Zaa Akmal Rizal Izzudin

6 Jun
bgn da awal dah. kne amek ns lemak. ns lemak lambat. cekgu da buat muka. haih berlari berkejaran aku. sbb kne bg list nama bdk nk check sape da ada, sape yg tade, sape naik bus van ape sume. sorg lmbt. nasib kau la sape suh lambat, kitorg jln dlu. sampai PD cekgu tak sampai lagi sbb tesekat kt highway, jam as kitorg sume ikot jln dalam. so, bwk la bdk² p camp site tepi pantai. kumpul ape sume diri kemah, bhg kumpulan, mkn, ice breaking. ptg aktiviti kt pantai. beberapa lagu baru. best gak. lagu gadis² form4 best. haha laki pnye ok la, tp lirik ntah ape ngarut. haih. lastu mandi pantai, men monyet² dlm air. bapak penat. mlm konon nk sayang salmah, tak jadi sbb ade org kne histeria. tu lah, berseronok tak hengat. sampai lampu padam. marah btol benda tu. then tdo. kejadian semasa aku tido, tidak ketahui. katanya arep memarah la, bdk tak tido la. ntah. tido from 2am+ to 5.33am. haha.

7 Jun
bgn awal nih. ntah knp tah. pdhl tdo kejap. smyg mkn aerobic n tak join p jogging. malas. bebudak ni plak bapak sengal bawak junior jogging dekat². mcm tak peluh je. bawak p pantai, tak tau dorg buat ape as ak tgk dr atas je. then mandi mkn ldk. tgh hari slot cekgu. lastu buat explorace, erm.. 'latihan komander' nama lamanya. ntah bile tuka nama tah. ntah sape cadang buat explorace tah. satu kumpulan je datang kt checkpoint7, aku n alan jaga. & xde satu kumpulan pn pegy kt sume checkpoint. loser! baik xyah buat. mlm ade malam kebudayaan la cm biase. sume stok wt cite same, rempit rempit, pondan la. haih. ok, aku terhibur dgn lakonan dak form4 je. haha. tgh mlm skit buat sayang salmah. dah tak mcm sayang salmah da. dok melawan cakap² je. tah pape. palai tros blk kemah tdo. mai kene gigit serangga, besa gle bengkak. aku kene kacau ngn bapok, babi. mai la ni ajak jaga bwh :p hbs sayang salmah lepak jap ngn mai n wani. kol4 tido.

8 Jun
bgn lambat, kol8. dgr cekgu jerit suh kejut ak alan n azhar. cepat kitorg buat muka segar. hahaha. cuci muka gosok gigi. usha dak form4 handle junior. lol. tak semangat je. then pertandingan wat istana pasir. wuuu~ kitorg tanam helmi. perot dia je tak taman. haha da mcm teletubbies teletummies kn. last day malas mandy pantai. siap² kemas sume. penutup. gerak batu7. hm biase je. mkn minum. chow blk. dlm bus, mmg tdo mati. lol

June 5, 2009

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Question 1:
Besides ur lips, where is the favourite spot to get kissed?

errr no idea :p

Question 2:
How did you feel when you woke up this morning?

freshy tp masih mengantuk. lol

Question 3:
Who was the last person or people u took a photo with?

uwh cant recall.

Question 4:
Would u consider urself spoiled?


Question 5:
Will you ever donate blood?

of course

Question 6:
Have u ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?


Question 7:
Do you want someone to be dead?

hahaha nope.

Question 8:
What does your last text message say?

"azm da ktne"

Question 9:
What are u thinking right now?

PD PD PD camping camping camping

Question 10:
Do you want someone to be with you right now?

boleh la. rakan-rakan.

Question 11:
What was the time u went to bed last night?

after 2am before 3am

Question 12:
Where did you buy the tee u are wearing now?


Question 13:
Is someone on ur mind right now?


Question 14:
Whos was the last person who text u?


TEN LUCKY person to do this QUIZ...

1. myra
2. fafara
3. wani
4. hilmi
5. pika
6. amr
7. ah bell
8. farah ain
9. myza
10. bello

Question 15:
Who is no.2 having a relationship with?

erm sape eh? acap? tah ape nama bf dia tah. buat² tau :p

Question 16:
Is no.3 a male or female?


Question 17:
If no.7 and no.1 together would it be a good?

erm tidak tahu la saya

Question 18:
What is no.1 studying about?

about anything. sbb dia budak skolah. hahaha

Question 19:
When was the last time you chatted with them?

them? sume² tu? tak tahu la saya

Question 20:
Is no.4 single?

hilmi? single kot. hahaha

Question 21:
Say something about no.2?

otak dia mereng skit :p

Question 22:
What do u think about no.3 and no.6 being together?

wuuu boleh ke? hahaha

Question 23:
Describe no.9?

kawan lynn :p

Question 24:
What will u do if no.6 and no.7 fight?

hahahaa akan ke? cm tak je :p

Question 25:
DO u like 8?

boleh la. kekeke