February 18, 2013


few days thinking of pursuing my study in Master.
and after some research, Q&A with friends who currently taking their Master
and some other people who know about it,
regret to to say that I won't take my Master soon.
Yeah, kecewa disitu.
banyak perkara yang perlu dibuat sebelum boleh sambung Master.
Kecewa kecewa kecewa.

1 comment:

  1. Well, it's always good to have working experience dulu before sambung master.. at least you know what the world could offer you sebelum you decide untuk belajar je..

    dulu i pun nak sambung master (patut bulan ni register dekat um) but then ade something came up, tak jadi.. so i proceed keje je dulu..

    don't worry, your time will come.. :)