August 21, 2011

I'm more rational

Rational: What's the point of getting into a relationship if you're not ready.
Emotional: It feels so good loving somebody and that somebody loves you back.

Rational: I'm not a commitment-phobe yet I don't think I will be able to commit a long-term relationship. The feelings of romance and passion will eventually evaporate.
Emotional: Loneliness can kill you. You'll die alone.

Rational: The ultimate purpose of dating is to find a life partner right? What's the rush? You ain't even close to being old enough to play a mature rated game, to find a perfect promise ring.
Emotional:Dating gives me a euphoric feeling of being admired. I love the way he treated me. I love his smile, his lame jokes, his hair, his everything.

Rational: He's not the one. I know what I want and my instinct couldn't be wrong.
Emotional: Nobody's perfect. We're imperfectly perfect together. Or at least I've someone to hold on.

Rational: Being single is sexy. You've brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer any direction you choose, you do what you like and you don't need anyone to rectify your existence. You are on your own.
Emotional: I give top-notch priority to my partner. I love making him happy without considering my own. I treat him like a king and expect him to treat me as his queen. We share because we care. We devoted ourselves to each other, by hoping we both will be forever bonded in love

by ispeakalien


aku rasa aku lebih berfikir secara 'rational' tu .