October 5, 2009

Gone Bad

Since the last post I've been busy. there's a lots of assignments has to be done. there's no rest of my mind to think about other things (even I got lots of time to facebook-ing :p hahaha) till now i still have assignments to do, with 30pages report still didn't done yet, short film didn't shoot yet and bla bla bla. And i keep postponing to register motorcycle license. but then I'll got my Nouvo S within this week. wehuu~ so I'll ride my ride illegally. Hahaha

I'll miss Jamuan Raya Aidilfitri / Aidilfitri Hi-tea at PTTG organized by K-Krek / Cekgu Zainal as I'm going to Gambang Resort for my AdFest on 10Oct and 11Oct, same date with the jamuan. till now I still thinking what I'm gonna dress up myself for the AdNite. Parody/Professional Gone Bad is the theme..

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