December 17, 2011

tiada noktah, cuma koma

busy busy busy November
there's a week I only sleep two hours a day, on average

comes December
oh dear oh dear double the work
till the final week of December
the week that I wish to be quick to the end

21st Dec - Ad Campaign Final Project Presentation
22nd Dec - Sales Promotion Event
22nd Dec - Comm Planning Final Project Presentation

and during the week also, to be submit
final assignment Ads Ethics
French video

and of course, work have to be done. all of the above.
luckily, there's no final test for comm plan subject under certain circumstances


  1. mcm lebih kurang je tajuk post ni ngan content post aku ritu. cewah. perasan tak..?

  2. eh? emm... ade er? hmmm
    ini macam tiap-tiap sem aku buat. hmmm