June 3, 2011

What way?


i'm not the type of person who enjoy reading books
i'm not the type of advertising student who love marketing much

but i don't know why
i'm so excited want to buy this book
i'm so want to read this book
really want to know about the content of this book

it's started when i attending an AdTalk which talk by Dentsu Malaysia
the talk was very awesome
and they also promote their book which is The Dentsu Way

Dentsu One of the largest and most successful advertising companies in the world, Dentsu has pioneered a sophisticated new cross-communication strategy--and now it's being revealed for the first time. In a world saturated with marketing messages, making your offering relevant is your biggest challenge. Dentsu's Cross Switch model meets it head on.

The Dentsu Way shares proven tactics for getting your message to consumers and creating "scenarios" to move them through calibrated Contact Points to meet whatever specific goal you set.

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