October 21, 2010

The Do’s & Don’ts in Advertising by Hisham Sahudin

1. Don’t do the right thing. Do inspiring things.
2. Don’t try to impress. Do your best to express.
3. Don’t work on the brief. Work beyond the brief.
4. Don’t worship techniques. Bleed the substance.
5. Don’t create new words or pictures. Create new links between familiar words and pictures.
6. Don’t settle for good. Go for great.
7. Don’t take no for an answer. Go back with more.
8. Don’t let research be the alternative to your judgement. Let it be an aid to your judgement.
9. Don’t think of yourself as artists. Think of yourselves as problem solvers.
10. Don’t just seek answers to questions. Question the answers.
11. Don’t seek praise. Seek criticism.
12. Don’t be silly. Be very silly.
13. Don’t measure the work by comfortable standards. Put it against the best of the world.
14. Don’t think consumers. Think human beings.
15. Don’t hate restrictions. They push you harder.
16. Don’t think your audience is a moron. She could be your mother.
17. Don’t be kedekut with your ideas. Spread the enthusiasm.
18. Don’t be shy of your identity. Because, they are pretty unique.


  1. ouhemgee~ u jot down sume kew? huhu.. kagum. :p

  2. nooo lah. kawan yang salin. i copy. haha