December 11, 2009

Above Expectation


Finally the result was out.. earlier than been told. I was surprised by the result when I saw i got above 3pointer! I'm expected to got below 3. Alhamdulillah, subjects that got no final paper helps me xD I got C+ for BM and Intro to Mass Comm!! haha totally sucks! I did the finals just to pass the papers but I'm quite surprise again with Sociology.. Hmm.. How come I can achieve B+?? Padahal buat cincai, dalam sejam da klua da.. Maybe Prof Parween tolong kot. Alhamdulillah.. rezeki Allah :) thought next sem will be tougher sebab macam banyak final paper je :s well, we wait and see.. I just want to maintain the 3pointer or maybe DL? insyaAllah

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